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Mt. Bi-seul-san nature rest area

Mt. Bi-seul-san harmonize perfectly with it's much spoken of spectacles Jowhabong(1,058m), Dae-geonbong(1,084m), Kwangibong(989m), that are seen so beautiful view.
There are also hundreds rocks and   ancient temples and valleys   that make Mt. Bi-seul-san even more picturesque.    Also there are several facilities for visitors.
There are temples, which are Yugasa, Sojaesa, Yugasa is located at Dae-geonbong where is 36km far from Daegu, Doseon, founded this temple in Shilla era(827AD), he was a monk. Temple, Sojaesa was founded Jinbobeobsa who was a monk in Goryeo dynasty(1358 AD).

Mt. Bi-seul-san main elements

House of the woods (7 Pyeong 10 houses 50,000won, 8 rooms( 8 people per room) 60,000won)
Adolescences training center 2 rooms (15 people, 30people)
Tent area (3mx2m 70, 3,000won)
Camp fire area (2.4mx2.4m 10, 4,000won)
Shower room, a grass square, swimming area, kitchen, stall, 2 parking areas

Admission fee Adults 1,000won(group 700won) Adolescences 700won(group 400won) Children 500won(group 300won)
How to get there From Daegu cross country station to Hyun Haeng station
Tel 053-614-5481 ~ 2, 053-650-3595 ~ 6
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