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Jin Do Festival

Visitors can see the waters dividing in Jindo island where like the Red Sea in the biblical story of Moses. The waters ebb to reveal a seabed way through which you can walk to the neighboring Modo Island
You can get the seaweed, shells and experience various forms of sea life. The island of Jindo was once populated with savage tigers, according to the legend, when the tiger appeared people fled to Modo Island.

But an elderly woman was unable to flee, and so she prayed to the sea god for a pathway that would allow her to walk to the island, at which point the water divided.

Main Events
Sea parting, Yeongdeungsalpuri, a shaman rite to exorcise evil spirits; Dasiraegi, the mourner's entertainment performed the night before a burial Jindo dog show etc

Date 2002-4.26 ~ 4.29
Tel 061-540-3224
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