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Gat Bawi Festival

This festival celebrates Gat Bawi, national treasure 431, and was named after Kwan-bobg- seok- jo-yeo-rae-jwa-sang and the eminent nature scene in Dae-ku, Kyung-san-si.
The Gat Bawi festival offers a chance for those to pray for visitors¡¯ wishes, their desire and exam desire, and so on.
Where in Dae-ku can I get Gat Bawi plums?   There is an agricultural store where you can eat the delicious fruit for free.

There is an entertainment stage and a free tasting festival for traditional Korean food as well. The festival organization has prepared gifts for winners of various folk quizzes and winners of song contests.   Also during the festival, there are beautifully crafted ceramics for sale.

Period Early November
How to get there Take the train at Seoul station to Kyungsan station, and change to Hayangeub seat bus and take the bus to Gat Bawi line.
Tel 053-810-6063      
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