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The Namyangju Open-air Arts Festival

Namyangju has an annual festival featuring over 100 performances with priority given to the harmony between nature and human.
The Namyangju Open-air Arts Festival is totally riverside and street festival. This will serve the audience with one-stop opportunity to appreciate hold various open-air arts from Korea and all over the world.

The festival's executive committee searches widely and invites officially high-leveled arts works. The official repertoire showcases the core example of open-air arts and is composed of diverse array of performance such as theater, dance, music, mime, circus, folk performance, film and other exhibition programs.

The Namyangju Open-air Arts Festival is an international arts festival and the biggest fringe festival in Korea. The artists come from all over the world could take a part in open access program will display many experimental art forms in a wide open space.

-Opening Ceremony
-Planned Performance
-Official Repertoire(from 8 countries)
-Open Access Performance

Period 2002.5.24 ~ 2002.5.26
Place Northern Han-river culture and Tourism Village in Namyangju city
How to get there
Kyungchoon Line(Cheongnyangri Masuk) : Transfer to the bus for Backwolli at Masuk Terminal getting off at Saeto-Samgueri
Cheongnyangri : No. 3300, No. 1330, No. 765 Saeto-Samgueri
Jamsil St. : No. 901 transfer at Masuk Terminal to Backwolli Saeto-Samgueri
Gangbyeon(East Seoul Bus Terminal) : No. 1115-2 getting off at Whado Church transfer at Masuk Terminal to Backwolli Saeto-Samgueri
Tel 031-592-5993
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