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Insa-dong Traditional Culture Festival

Insa-dong is a Korean traditional street, where packed by art galleries, antique shops, ceramic sellers, Korean restaurants, etc., is often called a 'living cultural treasure' or a 'street museum'. Name of Insa-dong is originated in the ancient names of Gwaninbang and Daesadong used in the dynastic age, visitors can witness the centuries long tradition of the Goryeo and the Joseon Dynasty and the period of the Japanese occupation (1910-1945).
Main Events                                       
Jangseungje Ritual, Opening Ceremony, Masquerade, Special Performance Stage, Street Exhibition
Traditional Korean Foods Contest, Antique Arts Exhibition
Pottery Making Demonstration

Period June 1-30, 2002 (Sundays, 11:00-19:00)
Place Insa-dong Street
Admission fee Free
Tel 82-2-737-7890
How to get there
At Jonggak Stn of Subway Line 1, at Anguk Stn.of Subway Line 3   or at Jongno sam(3)-ga Stn of Subway Line 1, 3, 5 and walk 5minutes.

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