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Haeundae beach

Some 14km northeast from the city center are Busan¡¯s beach resorts, the main one being Haeundae. It is the most popular beach in Korea; so popular in fact that you will have to squeeze through a mass of squirming bodies greased with suntain oil (could be fun) to reach the water.
No doubt the beaches are a welcome sight for those who live and work in Busan but this certainly is not Bali. Haeundae beach is 1.25km long and is equipped with all the usual facilities, from changing rooms to hot dog vendors.

The annual summer Haeundae Festival is held in August and includes many colorful sporting events as well as an outdoor film festival on the beach and fireworks.

In 2001 the four-storey Haeundae Aquarium opened right on the beach with fish tanks displaying deep-sea fish, sharks, reptiles and penguins.
There are also sightseeing boats to the islets of Oryukdo departing from the eastern end of the beach.

Windsurfing on Suyeongman bay which faces Haeundae beach has become a popular summer activity (equipment is available for rent).
If you do not like the crowds, then not far to the east of haeundae is a less well-known Songjeong beach. It looks more or less like Haeundae, but is less famous and therefore less crowded.

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