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Samcheok International Cave Expo in Korea

Caves have been the place for birth, shelter, religion, myth, culture, and history since the beginning of humans., there still lie unknown mysteries about the cave Even if our technological progress..
3m x 3m = 9 is the standard size of the booth and the framework of the booth is installed by the committee. However the inside of the booth should be designed and installed by the participants.

People can find out everything about the cave in Samcheok with a variety of events. The Expo is presented in the Jukseoru, Osipcheon area and other sub-sites such as Hwanseon Cave, New Millenium Road, Hwang Young-jo Park, and Haesindang Park. 'Samcheok International Cave Expo Korea 2002' is for visitors to enjoy the fantastic cave world.

Period 2002.7.20 ~ 2002.7.25
Tel 033-570-3739
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