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The Geumsan Ginseng Festival

Geumsan Ginseng Festival is held every August for 7days and is a traditional event. People pray for a good harvest the following year and for ginseng to be genuine medicine for all mankind. The festival has expanded from a local event to become a popular national event as all citizens participate.
You can experience the long lasting and warm spirit of Geumsan, the home of Korean Ginseng, from the various events including traditional music concerts. Visitors participate in events such as heritage events and traditional ceremonies (Gae samje and Sansinje: Ceremony for the god of the mountains).

The visitors also experience a special feeling when they enter the festival area, as it is located in the deep mountain range of Geumsan. The ample green colors attract the attention and peace along with nature, truly captures the entire mindset. The river and mountain accompany you no matter where you may go later, and are special gifts from nature that you can only find on Geumsan

Period Every August
Place Geumsan
How to get there Take a bus from Express Bus Terminal (Subway line 3) to Geomsan   
Tel 041-750-2211
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