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Cheongju,The Bio Expo Korea 2002

The Bio Expo Korea 2002 will be the greatest exposition in the world covering the biotech industry. It is will be a gathering place for biotech specialists and corporations from all over the world, providing a platform for information exchange and investment opportunities.
During Bio Expo Korea 2002, seminars on many diverse topics will be held. Participants include previous Nobel Prize winners, and there will be excellent opportunities to assess the current trends in the international biotech industry sector.

Bio Expo Korea 2002 is a national event, which includes the participation of governmental institutions and divisions, and its implementation is being supported and promoted by the government. We hope you will not lose this opportunity to catch up on the latest developments in this young and rapidly-changing industry, as well as share your insights and recent discoveries

Period 2002.9.25 ~ 2002.10.24
Place Chungcheongbuk-do Province Millennium town (Cheongju)
Homepage Osong international bio exposition 2002

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