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Ganjin-gun, Goryeo Celadon Tour

The Korea National Tourism Organization is providing foreign residents and tourists low cost tours to Gangjin Goryeo Celadon Cultural Festival.
Visitors will see and have first-hand experience in the creation of Goryeo Celadon, beginning with pounding out the clay (Toryeon), the material of Goryeo Celadon to taking the finished celadon out of the kilns.

Also, various celadon pieces from artists, exhibitions of various celadon-related relics, and so on are available. During the festival, visitors will experience numerous events that show Korea¡¯s effort to preserve the Goryeo Celadon cultural heritage for future generations.

Ganjin-gun is one of the foremost tourist attractions in Jeollanam-do province as the source for Goryeo Celadon. The area also has a renowned cultural heritage with serene and beautiful temples (Baengnyeonsa Temple and Muwisa Temple)
Tour Profile

Period 2002.7.27 ~ 2002.7.28
Place Goryeo Celadon Kiln Site, Gangjin-gun, Jeollanam-do
Admission fee 20,000 won per person (Including accommodations (double occupancy motel room), transportation, meals, travel insurance and English guide will be provided).
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