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Jejudo Beach

The Jeju coast is simple, but it is mainly composed of basalt so its beaches are beautiful and visitors really find it a treat.
Hyeobje Beach
Hyeobje beach¡¯s depth is about 1m ~ 1.5m and many people come with their families during the summer.

Iho Beach
Iho beach is located close to downtown Jeju City so it is easily accessible. It¡¯s a great place to take walks along this quiet beach.
When you pass through the acacia trees, you can see a wide and gently sloping white sand beach. Behind the beach is a forest of pine trees.

Jungmun Beach
The Jungmun Beach coast line is the longest in Jeju and is popular with travelers.
Jungmun Beach offers horse riding, a palm tree area and swimming amenities.

Hamdeok Beach
Hamdeok Beach has yellow sand and visitors can view the hill, Seonguhbong from it. There are several facilities such as toilets, shower room, parking area, and so on.
A lot of watermelons were grown in the area so you can eat to your hearts content while sunbathing on the cheap.

Kimryung Beach
White sand lies proud on this beach.   Kimryung cave is located nearby, hence its name.
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