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Icheon Ceramic festival

180 artists participate in this ceramic festival held yearly at the ceramic village in Seolbong Park. Visitors are always thrilled by the number and variety of beautifully hand-crafted items on sale.
¡®The Big Festival of Soil and Fire¡¯ is the name of the 16th ceramic festival, starting on the 6th of September this year.
The city of Icheon has prepared a large pottery kiln, with methods for making ceramic pieces, as well as demonstrations of tea ceremony etiquette, a youth singing contest, a performance by the world famous Nanta, a marathon, and so much more.      
During the festival, several events will be held such as a ceramics exhibition, an exhibition of student work, the soil and fire spirit exhibition, and a photo exhibition.   Also 30 artists are coming from Japan and China, further adding to the international events. Go to Incheon this fall as the festival¡¯s profits will be donated to the poor.

Period 2002.9.06 ~ 2002.9.29

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