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**The game of Chuseok

Gang Gang Sul-Rae
The Game came from Jeollanamdo south sea area. After the housewives wash the dishes in the night of Chuseok, they gather at a big yard. Young house wives and maidens take hand in hand and turn round and round with dance and song.

Gama Ssaum (A palanquin game)
Students used to play this game. When a teacher went out, they played a Gama(a palanquin)game.
They crushed two Gamas at the yard until one team¡¯s gama whose teams lost the game.
They thought if they won the game, they could be pass the eaxm.

Play of turtle
Young people of the farm play this in Gyeonggi, Chungcheong area.
Young people peeled off cornstalks and made a turtle form, two persons into a turtle form and visited each house in town. A farmer¡¯s fork band followed them. When they made a turn in town, and visit the rich people¡¯s house whose owner supply food and drink. They prayed about their health and long life during the game.

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