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Walking Tour, Course 2

Started from line no. 1 City Hall station
Seoul Information Center
Located at the front side of Seoul City Hall(Exit no.5 from the station), Seoul Information Center serves a variety of resources about the Seoul, with 600 years' history, including tourist information   Also, for the information of Seoul, one can see every kind of exhibit and VTR, CD-ROM offered there and surf the Web.

Deoksu-gung (Royal Palace of the Joseon) Exit no.3 from the station
Deoksu-gung is a Royal Palace of the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910). Visitors to Seoul can feel the incomparable harmony of traditional and modern factors presented by this palace in downtown Seoul.   Another attraction is The Changing of the Royal Guards Ceremony performed around the front gate.
Admission fee : Adult : 700 won, Youth(19 - 24 years old) : 300 won
Opening hours :   09:00-18:00 (Holiday: Every Monday)

Deoksu Palace Lane (winding along the stone wall of the palace)
Deoksu Palace Lane, a walk with the bothsided tree, is on the left side of the Deoksu Palace. As a preferred date course, many pairs of lovers come, even tradition has it that one walking through this walk who will separate.   

Chongdong Jeil Church
Work through the Deoksu Palce Lane for 10 min., one can find the Chongdong Theater on the right and the Chongdong Jeil Church on the left.   Where the church was established in 1885 is Korea Modern History.   Its chapel is the frist western style chapel with the construction of the England Victorian's Gothic and red brick structure.   Also, a spirit of John Wesly, the founder of Methodist Church, dwells on it.

Chongdong Theater
Located on opposit site of Chongdong Jeil Church, they offer Korean classical music performance everyday for visitors and various cultural activities as well.

Agricultural Museum
Located in the direction to Moonhwa-ilbo from the Chongdong Theater(10min on foot).   They help to know the history of Korean agricultural and wisdom of Korean ancestors for farming at once.   There are three thousand pieces of remains displayed through 3 stories
Admission fee: Free
Opening hours: 10:00 - 17:00 (Holiday: Sunday & Public Holiday)
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