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5day market in Pyeongchang-gun

Jinbu Market
Jinbu market is the biggest 5-day market in Pyeongchang-gun.
Also it assorted merchandise, it is famous for local products such as wild greens, danggwi (a mountain –grown herb used for stomach trouble and nervous condition) and memilmuk buckwheat jelly.
As well as tadpole noodles made of corn flour are a very special taste.
Jinbu is located a five-minute walk from Jinbu Terminal.

Pyeongchang Market
Wild greens in spring, fruit in the summer, and pickled vegetables in winter. Residents sell their own products, and local specialties are served the traditional foods such as grilled buckwheat pancakes and tadpole noodles.
two minutes by walk from Pyeongchang Bus Terminal.

Bongpyeong Jang
This market is a background of Yi Hyo-seoks novel, Memilkkot pilmuryeop (buckwheat-blossom time), therefore it is the best well-known market of Pyeongchang-gun markets. Takes ten minutes by bus from Jangpyeong Terminal to Bongpyeong.

Daehwa Jang
The local products, living necessities, and local foods are sold. As the market is located in near Highway 31, many passersby stop and shop. Near the Daehwa Terminal.

Mitan Jang
the market   offers a variety of living necessaries and connects with Mitan Terminal.

Tel 33-1330 (English/Japanese/Chinese)
How to get there
Jinbu Jang: a five-minute walk from Jinbu Terminal
Pyeongchang Jang:a two-minute walk from Pyeongchang Terminal
Daehwa Jang: connects with Daehwa Terminal
Mitan Jang: connects with Mitan Terminal
Bongpyeong Jang: a 10-minute trip by bus from Jangpyeong Terminal

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