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Kyungdong, a Medicinal Stuff Market

Oriental/homeopathic medicine has been around for quite some time and depends on the expertise of the learned ancients as passed down to current practitioners.
ˇ°Oriental Medicineˇ± has since become popular in the west and is referred to as preventative medicine for health, not restorative.

There are a lot of homeopathic resources and substances available nationwide with about 1,000 related places such as Korean medical hospitals; medical source shops, export and import bureaus, and wholesale traders.   

During the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910), Kyungdong cared for a number of poor patients without charging fees and provided accommodation as well.

Kyungdong medical market is the successor to this ancient tradition and includes memorial services, free medical care, introduction to Korean medical sources, and so forth.

Date 1st June Every Year (10:00ˇ­16:00)
Place Kyungdong medical market
Admission fee Free
Tel 02-969-4793
How to get there Exit5 Jegi-dong station of subway line 1

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