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Hangseong Baekje culture festival

Songpa area was a capital city of the Baekje kingdom 2,000 years ago (5 BC) when King Onjo, the founder of the Baekje, established the ancient capital in Seoul Han River's basin.
Two sons of Jumong, who established Goguryeo, Onjo and Biryu advanced southward, leaving behind all the achievements that they attained for the establishment of the kingdom, and they arrived at the northern part of the region of what is known today as Seoul. Onjo settled at the Wirye castle, situated at the northern part of the Han River whereas Biryu established himself at Michuhol (Incheon today). Later, Biryu who saw how well the people of Wirye castle were living died while mourning out of shame. Onjo took in his people and moved the capital to the Songpa region in the 14th year of Onjo's reign (5 BC), and flourished the culture after laying the foundation as an ancient kingdom.

Hanseong Baekje Era refers to the period (18 BC ~ 475 : during 493 years) that ranges from King Onjo to the base year(moved to Wungjin in year 475) of King Muju, before the capital was moved from Hanseong to Wungjin (Gongju today).

Supplementary events for commenmoration of Hanseon Baeje Cultural festival

-- Commemoration Event for the Day of Songpa-gu Citizens
(10:30~12:00, Songpa-gu Citizens' Hall)
-- Citizens' Music(Song) Contest(19:00~21:00,Seoul Norimadang )
-- Autumn Evening Outdoors Concert    (19:00~21:00, Seoul Norimadang)

Eve Event

--    Performance on Traditional Boat Board(15:00~17:00,Seokchon Lake (Seoho))
--    International Folk Festival Part 1
(19:00~21:00, Seoul Norimadang)

Baeje People's Day

-- Pre-Ceremonial Performance, Commemorative Ceremony (10:30~12:00, Seokchon-dong Baekje Chogijeokseokchong)
-- Dongmyeongje (Rite), Coronation of King Geungusu
(12:00~15:00, Seokchon-dong Baekje Chogijeokseokchong)
-- Street Parade, Post-Ceremonial Performance (15:00~16:00, Seokchon-dong Baekje Chogijeokseokchong ->
--> Baekje Gobun-ro (road) --> Olympic Park Peace Gate Square)
--    Reproduction of Songpa Ferry Market (Day 1,14:00~19:00,    areas near the Seokchon Lake and Seoul Norimadang )
-- "Seoul Norimadang" Traditional Folk Performance
(16:00~18:00, Kim Deuksoo's Samulnori (Samulnori (traditional Korean percussion and dance), Pangut (folk music), Nongaknori (farmers' music and dances) etc.))
-- International Folk Festival Part 2 (19:00~21:00, Seoul Norimadang)

Festival Day

-- Model Boat Race(10:00~17:00, Areas near Seokchon Lake (West))
-- Reproduction of Songpa Ferry Market (Day 2, 10:00~19:00,Areas near Seokchon Lake)
-- Hiphop Jazz Dance Contest
(14:00~16:00, Seokchon Lake (West) Silver Square)
-- "Seoul Norimadang" Traditional Folk Performance (16:00~18:00, Seoul Norimadang)
-- Celebrating Performance(19:00~21:00, Seoul Norimadang)

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