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Incheon Sorae Port Fish Market -
Fresh Sea Food at a Low Price!

Well-known for tiny salted shrimp, Sorae is a cozy port. Its so near to Seoul that many people visit to escape the city and get a glimpse of the sea.
Facing the Western Sea, Sorae has a fish market full of fresh sea food. It is crowded with restaurants selling raw and fried dish. The fish market was formed by 300 ships coming in and out of the port.

At low tide the sands of Sorae can be seen, and high tide affords a good view of the many ships coming into Sorae port.

There are two main roads in Sorae. One is new wide road and the other is narrow road. Along the both sides of the former, newly-refurbished restaurants welcome you.   Sorae station is on the narrower road. All restaurants serve lots of fresh raw fish and pepper pot soup, prices are in the region of 10,000 and 20,000 won per person.

How to get there Get off at Jemulpo station of subway line 1 then take bus no. 21 and get off at Sorae harbor. It takes 40 minutes and buses run every 10 minutes from 06:30   

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