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Find the Sea in the Middle of the City,
Noryangjin Marine Products Market

When people pass the Noryangjin Station, they smell something stimulating their nose. It is the scent of the sea. Is it possible to smell the sea in the middle of the city? In the middle of Seoul, in front of Noryangjin Station, there is a marine products specialty market that covers the space of about 20,000 Pyong.
The railway runs between Noryangjin Station and the market.   If you want to experience a maritime ambiance for a while, or if you want to eat some raw fish, that market is a great place to visit.      

Built in 1934, the Noryangjin marine products market is very large.    60 % of all marine products that people consume come from the Noryangjin marine products market. The Noryangjin marine products market is representative of other marine product markets in Seoul.   It has a building with 2 floors above the ground and 1 floor under ground.   On the first floor, there are 700 stores, as well as a place for auctioning.   On the two upper floors there are dried fish stores and sliced raw fish stores.

In the market where customers and retail dealers come frequently, there are about 874 retail stores. The stores are divided into specialty stores such as live fish stores (230 stores), stores where merchants sell general fish like mackerel, pike, and hair-tail (325 stores), frozen fishes stores (100 stores), clam stores (177 stores), pickled sea foods stores (10 stores), and dried fishes stores (32). So, this market is convenient to use for retail fish dealers.

The marine products available at the Noryangjin market are transported by deep-sea fishing vessels from the 15 fishing ports along the South and East seacoasts.   About 350-400 tons of marine products a day, including the quantity carried by deep-sea fishing vessels, are channeled through the Noryangjin market. Early in the morning, the market is already full of merchants and consumers. They are very animated. The scenes of people bargaining and auctioning are really something to see.

The marine products are carried from the various regions each morning and sold on the same day. Thus, the marine products are fresh and 10% less expensive.   Retail sales are done mostly after 10.A.M.   If one comes to the market early in the morning, one can watch the auctioning and buy fresh fish.   In general, the market is open from early in the morning until around 8 pm and the sliced raw fish center is open 24 hours.   

If you want to enjoy sliced raw fish in the Noryangjin marine market, you don't need to go to the expensive specialty restaurant on the second floor. There is a way to get it at a lower price. If you buy fish at the one of the stores on the 1st floor, they will prepare the raw fish for you on the spot.
Then, you can bring it to a restaurant on the 1st floor which will provide you a place to eat, charging you only 3,000 won for some vegetables and 3,000 won for the use of a stew pot.

Tel 02-814-2111
Opening hours 02:00 09:00
How to get there Take subway line #1 to Noryangjin Station            
Whole sale Not open on first and 3rd Sunday                  
Retail sale Open throughout the year
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