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Unhyeongung, the Symbol of Korean Modern History

As one of the remains of Korean modern history, Unhyeongung is where Gojong, a king of later Joseon Dynasty (1392 ~ 1910), was born and grew up until he became 12 years old.

The father of Gojong, Daewongun "Ihaeung" built Unhyeongung and governed the dynasty for 10 years after his son succeed to the crown. Unhyeongung was not even considered as a royal family's palace until Gojong became a king and Daewongun promoted Unhyeongung to a palace; the palace exhibited royal dignity throughout the 10-year reign of Daewongun.

Especially, Norakdang, Noandang, and Irodang are buildings that were constructed after Gojong became a king, and these outstanding works of architecture show grandeur and beauty contributing the completeness of the palace. As the main buiding of Unhyeongung, Norakdang has served as the wedding place between Gojong and his wife, Myeongsunghwanghu and other important events, such that this building has significant implications on Korean history.   

Irodang is situated at the far left side of palace, and as Norakdang, it serves as an event hall, and this place is exclusively for women. Noandang is called, Sarangchae, where Daewongun usually stayed and organized important revolutionary policies while he deputed the duty as a king, since Gojong was too young to make decisions.

Also, Yeonhwaru at Noandang is a place where Daewongun greeted visitors.
However, after Daewongun stepped down from the power, the fame and dignity of Unhyeongung went down. Throughout the Japanese Colonization (1910 ~ 1945) and Korean War (1950 ~ 1953), the palace has been severely damaged, but fortunately it could be easily repaired because the main frames of buildings were still intact. And now, it is open to public.

At Unhyeongung, you can sit on Daecheongmaru and enjoy both Korean traditional tea and the scenery of palace, which has attracted lots of visitors. The Palace Darye Educational Center at Unhyeongung was first open for graduate students of Sungkyunkwan University, but now it welcomes anyone who is interested in receiving Darye lessons.

Thus, unlike other palaces, you can enjoy a cup of tea and experience Korean traditional culture at the same time at Unhyeongung. This Palace Darye Educational Center is located at Irodang, where women used to lived in the past.

As a renowned event place, the wedding ceremony of Gojong and Myeongseonghwanghu is revived every April at Unhyeongung, and from April to October there are traditional dancing, Pansori, and traditional song performances every Sunday at 5 o'clock for free of charge.

Opening hours 09:00 ~ 19:00 (tickets available 30 minutes before entering palace)
Admission fee 25 ~ 64 - 700won, 13 ~ 24 - 300won, older than 65 and younger than 12-free
How to get there 50 meters away from exit 4 of Anguk station line no. 3
Tel 02-737-6444
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