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Traditional Cooking Lessons

Korean tradition cuisine is not difficult as it seems. It requires various seasoning and creates many different flavors. Self-cooking korean traditional cuisine might help to taste more and enjoy in same time.
A Royal Court Cuisines Laboratory

Tel 02-3673-4344, 02-3673-1122
Fees 100,000won
How to get there Get off at Subway line number 3, AnGuk station. Exit #2, take a village bus and get off in front of Royal Court Cuisines Laboratory.
Program Gujeolpan, Bibimbab, Duteoptteok, Kimchi, green bean bindaetteok, Jangukbab etc.


Tel 02-2253-2211~2, 02-2234-3325~6
Fees 20,000~40,000won (more than 10 participants)
Opening hour anytime between 09:00~18:00 during 90 min lesson
How to get there Get off at Subway line number 3, Dongguk University station. Exit #6, 15min walking to Free Center, across from the National Theater.
Program Traditional cuisines, Dado, costume, propriety and traditional ceremony. (also provides private lessons)

Jun Jung Won Cooking Institution

Tel 02-771-7172
Fees 60,000 won (more than 2 participant) ~ 120,000 won (1 participant)
How to get there Get off at Subway line number 2, Bangbae station. Exit #1, take a Village bus number 02~3
Program Kimchi, seafood Pajeon

Han Bok Sun Cooking School

Tel 02-592-3783~4
Fees 100,000 won (more than 6 participants) ~ 150,000 won (based on 5 participants)
How to get there Get off at Subway line number 2, Seoul National Education University station. Exit #4, 7 minutes of walking
Program Kimchi, Bulgogi

Han Jung Hae Cooking school

Tel 02-742-3567
Fees 70,000 won (more than 15 participants) ~ 100,000 won (2~3 participants) , Kimchi lesson only 50,000 won (more than 14 participants) ~ 60,000 won (2~14 particiapants)
Teaching hours ~ 21:30 (Saturday and Sunday off)
How to get there Get off at Subway line number 1,3,5, Jongno3-ga Station, Exit #4, next to the revenue office. (4 min of walking)
Program Kimchi, Bulgogi, Jeon
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