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Place for Dado Lesson

Dado is one of the Korean culture. It helps to understand the importance of Korean cultural manner through Dado. Also, the Dado lesson is combined with other traditional theory in most of the teaching institutes. Therefore, it is much more easier to understand Korean culture. They provide interpretation service for foreigners.

Education Program Traditional cooking, Dado, costumes, propriety, other lessons on personal request.

Information 02-2253-2211~2, 02-2234-3325~6
Admission Fee 20,000~40,000 won (more than 10 participants)
Opening hour 09:00~18:00 (90 min lesson)
How to get there Get off at Dongguk station, subway line #3, use exit #6, 15 min of walking, in front of National Theatre

Unhyeongung Propriety School

Education Program Traditional propriety lesson, etiquette of drinking tea, experience of traditional melody, Samulnoli, inquiry of Unhyeongung etc. are prepared as one course.

Information 02-737-6444
Admission fee 30,000 won
Opening hour 10:00~15:00
How to get there get off at An-guk station, subway line #3, use exit 4, inside of Unhyeongung

Korean Dado Institute

Every lecture offers practice and theory parts in same time. The style of dressing and Korean culture are included. Classes are divided into Jagseolban, Chakkootban, Ujeonban, depending on different status, that is business persons, house wives and students. They offer training lessons regularly. There are also various program of teaching, for instance, ancestor-memorial rites, translation, tea culture classes.

[Jagseolban] Saturday 14:30~16:00, offered to business persons and students
[Chakkootban] Monday 10:30~12:30, offered to house wives
[Ujeonban] 19:00~21:00, offered to business persons and students

Information 02-544-5580
How to get there Get off at Nonhyon station, subway line #7, turn right at Haedong mutual financing[loan] company, turn left at second intersection.
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