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A Unique Cultural Experience The 'Room' Culture of Korea

If You Go Around Seoul Streets you will See That There Are All Sorts of Rooms. Why Are There So Many Rooms on the Streets, and What Are the Rooms for? You Should Visit These Rooms If You Want to Experience a part of Korean mass culture.
Game Room

The game room is also called the PC room or the Internet room. The game room is where there are 30~40 computers with high speed Internet connections where people enjoy network games or simulation games at the same time. You can surf the Internet, write documents, e-mails to your friends and families back home or you can enjoy chatting. If you want to send an e-mail or connect to yahoo then first connect to the internet explorer then write the domain address where it says address in Korean then you'll be directly connected to the website you want. It costs about 1,000won per hour.

Singing Room(Karaoke)

This is a place where you can choose the song you want and sing. You can see the lyrics on a big screen TV and there is a microphone system. There are songs from the newest Korean pop songs to English pop songs and Japanese songs.
There is a DDR system (Dance Dance Revolution: a game which you can dance to the music) so you can sing and dance at the same time. It costs about 7000won for half an hour.

Video Room

The video room is a place where you can watch videos with a big screen TV, surround sound system and soundproofing installed. There are sofas where you can lie comfortably and have snacks if you want to. If you choose the video you want to watch and pass it over the counter you will be guided to a room that is appropriate for that number of people. It costs 4,000~6,000won for one person to watch one video and 6,000~9,000won for two people to watch one video.

Capsule Room

If you are exhausted during your tour and you can't go back to your lodgings, you should use the capsule room. The capsule room, also called the Sumyeon-tel (sleeping room) or the Huge-tel (resting room), is a place where you can rest or sleep for 1~4 hours. Usually in a room for 1 person there is a 5"TV, radio, clock, and inter-phone. Here you can rest comfortably on a mattress or a waterbed. You can have an aqua massage or a shower afterwards. It costs about 4,000~8,000won during the daytime and 12,000~13,000won during the night.
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