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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Gujeolpan (Royal cusine / Nine-sectioned dish fills crepe, beef & vegetable)
Place for Gugeolpan

Looks so pretty that you would hardly dare to eat it. The various colors on the plate beautifully harmonize. It takes a long time to prepare this food because all the ingredients are put on the plate in a very beautiful manner.
Gayarang (a Special Restaurant for Royal Cuisine)

The food they serve is delicious Korean food and the interior is Korean style, too.   It is common to eat sitting on the floor.   However, if foreign customers are not comfortable with it, then a table can be provided. The desserts are Korean food also. The meal has a certain course so you can taste many traditional Korean foods at once.   
The price is 15,000 won - 60,000 won and credit cards are accepted.   

How to get there From Hyatt Hotel in Itaewon walk to the direction of Gyeongnidan about 200 meters.   It's across from the apartment complex.   
Tel 02-797-4000

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