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The Han-gang River

The Han-gang River(Han River), rising from the Taebaek Mountains, reaches the West Sea of the Korean Peninsula (Yellow Sea) via Gangwon-do, Chungcheongbuk-do, Gyeonggi-do, and Seoul City. The length of Han River is 514 km, and is the fourth longest river of Korea after the Amlok River, the Duman River, and the Nakdong River. There are many ways to enjoy the Han-gang river.
Swimming pools

The swimming pools located within the Han-gang Citizens Park charge only half the normal price and are kept thoroughly clean throughout the whole of the season.
Small stores are conveniently situated near the pools, offering a selection of food and soft drinks.   Swimming pools are located in the following districts: Gwangnaru (Tel. 02-470-9561), Jamshil (Tel. 02-421-2574), Ttukseon (Tel. 02-454-2094), Jamwon (Tel. 02-536-8263), Icheon (Tel. 02-790-2809), Yeouido (Tel. 02-785-1093) and Mangwon (Tel. 02-323-0076).   Fees are 1,500won for children and 2,000won per adult.

Cycling   paths

The riverside has been provided with cycling paths, stretching from the districts of Gangdong-gu, Amsa-dong, Gwangnarujigu to the districts of Gangseo-gu, Gaehwa-dong and Yanghwajigu. The road has been thoroughly paved so as to prevent users from accidents. A total of 37km worth of fantastic cycling.   At the same time, why not stop to enjoy some of the parks scattered on the way?


You are allowed to go fishing everywhere along the Han-gang Citizens Park except within the Gwangnorujigu district.   The section between Yanghwajigu Dangsancheolgyo and Yanghwa excursion boat wharf is mostly favored by fishing maniacs because many huge fish swim in that area.

The Banpo section is supposed to be adequate for beginners as the water is quite shallow at that point   and there is very little current.   There are a few restrictions though to fishing along the Hangang River: You can only use baits approved by the authorities and it is strictly forbidden to cook on site.   Fees are 1,000won per fishing rod and 500won for each rod thereafter.

Aquatic sports in Han-gang

Wind surfing
Wind surfing along the Han-gang Citizens Park can be practiced in the following districts: Ttukseom, Banpo, Icheon and Mangwon.   Ttukseom district is the best of all.   There are many surfing clubs nearby and you can use their equipment and facilities for relatively low prices.   Hiring equipment for an hour can cost about 10,000won.   For a whole day, this would be between 30,000won and 50,000won.   If you are just a beginner, special programs are provided too.   For a two to three days program, you should expect to pay between 70,000 and 100,000won.
Tel Seoul Wind Surfing 02-455-9974

Water skiing
If you want to practice water skiing, then you should go to Ttukseom.
Location A twenty-minute walk from Geondae Ipgu station on the subway Line No. 2 or 7.
Rates Beginners-50,000won, lesson included, Advanced- 15,000won

Jet skiing
No special skills are required to practice Jet Skiing. The easiest sport of all, even for beginners.
It takes about 10 minutes to get the hang of it.
Rates 35,000~50,000 won
Robinson Club 02-553-8840

Han-gang cruise boats
There are four docks along the Han-gang river, but only three are actually opened to river cruises due to construction works within the Ttukdeom district. Both one way and round trips take place between Yeouido and Jamshil.   Fees are 6,000 or 7,000 won, and the cruise takes about an hour.
Tel Yeouido 02-785-4411, Jamshil 02-416-8611, Yanghwa 02-675-3535 (children travel half charge)
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