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Walking Tour, Course 4

Started from line no. 4 Hoehyeon station. Get off at Hoehyeon station of line no. 4.
Namdaemun Market
Being Korea's largest old-fashioned market with 580 years of history, Namdaemun market is the 'must-go place' for foreign visitors.   It is a one-stop market where you can find goods with high quality at low prices.   Here you'll find everything from clothes and various textile goods to kitchen wear, traditional souvenirs, imported goods, food and home appliances.

When you pass the market, you will come across the representative gate of Korea, the Namdaemun, located on the left side of the big street.   Namdaemun, the main gate of the ancient Seoul, is the national treasure #1 and boasts elaborate designs under the roof and its beautiful curvy lines.   Namdaemun, which signifies the importance of courtesy in Korean culture, is the representative architecture of the Joseon Dynasty.   It is the oldest existing wooden building in Seoul.

The Bank of Korea
It only takes 5 minutes walk from the Namdaemun market to get here.   It is located across from the underground passage.   Founded in 1950, the Bank of Korea issues bank notes and establishes policies regarding currency.

Shinsegae Dept. Store, Midopa Dept. Store, Lotte Dept. Store
Clustered in Myung-dong, the fashion Mecca of young people, these are the most famous department stores of Korea.   Shinsegae is across the street from the Bank of Korea while Midopa is 5-minute walk away from BOK.   Lotte is again 5 minutes away from Midopa.

Myeong-dong Catholic Cathedral
Located across the street from Shinsegae dept. store, Myong-dong Catholic Cathedral is the first of its kind in Korea.   It was completed in 1898 and is the one and only pure gothic architecture in Korea.   It is beautifully built with red and gray bricks and holds Masses even during weekdays to meet the demands of Catholics from all around the nation.   Note: You don't have to be a Catholic to join the Masses and experience the holy atmosphere.   

Namsangol Traditional Korean Village
Cross the overpass near the Cathedral and keep walking forward until you reach the Chungmuro subway station line #4.   It takes about 10-minute walk.   Across from the station, you will see the village.   The Namsangol traditional Korean village, which consists of 5 traditional houses that were scattered around the nation then moved to this place to be restored to their original forms, first opened to the public in 1998.   

There are restored houses of ancient royal families and aristocrats.   Inside you can take various classes as courtesy lesson, calligraphy, Korean classical music, Kayakum (musical instrument), and art crafts.   You could also learn how to smooth cloth with two wooden clubs and how to embroider.   One every Saturday afternoon, you can see the traditional wedding ceremony performances, folklore, pansori, and mask dance performances.
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