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Naejangsan National Park

The landscape at Naejangsan is like a sea of maple leaves. Every autumn, when maples are at their height a maple festival is held. Jeongeup (maple trees) is the most famous area in Naejangsan National Park and in Honam Province.
A lot of people visit during the festival which has a Naejang maple goods competition and a sightseeing photo exhibition to express a true love of maple trees (sales of maple trees, local goods and souvenirs).

Naejangsa is the one of the most accessible spots and is a popular spot in autumn when the colors are most vibrant, but people visit year round.   In the spring there are a lot of cherry blossoms, forsythia, royal azalea blossoms and so on in Naejangsa.   Also the snow-covered nutmegs are so beautiful during the winter.

. U-hwa-jeong is a big lake, called the ¡°mountain god¡¯s oriental chess playing area¡±.   The lake is quite stunning from the cable car.

Period November every year
Place special stage (Naejansan entrance parking area)
tel 063-530-7227

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