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There are a lot of drapery shops in Deok Jeong-Jang, Yangju

The market started the cow market but after the Korean War, the market changed to sell the textile.
When they start the scale is not big, especially the market had opened in the morning.
During the war the England army and turkey army stayed in here, the market was closed.
After that time, the market became bigger than before.
Deok Jeong Jang open 8 o¡¯clock in the morning and close 8 or 9 PM.
Originally the market place had not shops but from 1971, an agricultural cooperative opened from that time a lot of shops has opened. The present market has made from 1980.
The visitor can found several kinds of traditional market places such as seeds sellers and pottery shops.
The market usually opens 2,7,12,17,22,and 27 for 5days.

How to get there Take the train to Shintanli at Changdong station in Seoul and Get off at Deokjeong station( Deokjeongli, Hoecheoneob, Yangju gun, Kyung-gi)
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