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Global IME(Korean)
Attach File  Link Sitehttp://office.microsoft.com/downloads/2002/imekor.aspx
Comments If you used a Global IME (Input Method Editor) 5.02 with a previous version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Outlook?Express, it will not work after you have installed Microsoft Office XP. You will need to download this updated version.

Use the Microsoft Global Input Method Editor for Office XP (Korean) to input Korean text in your documents, worksheets, presentations, mail messages, publications, and Web pages. After you have installed the Global IME, you just start your Office XP program, select Korean from the Language bar, and you can type Korean, regardless of the language version of Office XP or the operating system you are using.
Total Article : 9
No. Signdate Subject File Ref
9 28-12-2001  Global IME(Traditional Chinese)  2484
8 28-12-2001  Global IME(Simplified Chinese)  28878
7 28-12-2001  Global IME(Korean)  4093
6 28-12-2001  Gloval IME(Japanese)  2170
5 28-12-2001  Pont - Helvetica zip7458
4 21-12-2001  Screen saver exe1833
3 21-12-2001  Internet Explorer v6.0 exe2271
2 21-12-2001  Alzip exe2208
1 21-12-2001  V3+ Neo zip2872

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