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 Home >> What to Eat >> Korean food >> Chueotang (Mudfish soup)
We have been serving Chueotang(loach soup) for 40 years from here. We also serve Seonji soup, and Yukgaejang. Our Gyeongsang-do Bok (shellfish) soup (...
Wonju Bok Chueotang (Mudfish Soup)
Many Mudfish dishes. Tangsuyuk (Sweet and sour Mudfish) and bulgogi. ...
Yonggeom-ok specializes in 'Chutang(mudfish soup) and has such a long history and it is so famous to many people, who feel their home town by its name...
Brothers' Chueotang
The restaurant is traditional Chueotang restaurant that started in 1932. Chutang is Seoul, Gyeonggi style. They usually buy the mudfishes in Jeonju...

Gombo Chueotang
The restaurant has been run for 60 years and they just make a chueotang.A lot of epicures like this restaurant chueotang. This chueotang is a Seou...
Namwon, Chueotang
This restaurant's main meal is loach soup. The loach is boiled several times and mixed with cabbage stew and ground of hot pepper. ...
Selak Chueotang
The loach is boiled and mixed with perilla, it is special chueotang meal at this restaurant. Seolak chueotang also provide the fried chueo....

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