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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Galbi (Broiled beef ribs)

Korean Health Food, Galbi

Beef rib can be used as stew, soup, roasted and steamed whereas proc rib is usually used as roasted. Beef rib dishes has excellent taste and it can be also enjoyed with Ginseng and Chinese date which are good for the health.

There are three major separated Korean foods. First of all, fermented dishes such as soy sauce, red pepper soy paste, soybean paste and Kimchi. Second, fishery such as mackerel, saury, sardine, anchovy and tuna which contains lot of nutritive sources. Lastly, seasoned foods such as grilled meat and beef rib stew. Those three different kinds of foods can never be left out.

Galbi (beef ribs) is famous dish for not only Koreans but as well as for many foreign visitors. Beef ribs soup is usually cooked with big chunk of radish. And other kinds of beef ribs foods such as seasoned galbi (grilled or roasted with many spices), Galbi Jjim (steam beef rib) and Saeng Galbi (grilled beef ribs with salt and pepper)/

¡®Galbi¡¯ in Korean stands for ribs and the kinds of ribs are mostly separated into two kinds, beef ribs and pork ribs. Beef ribs are divided into shoe liner, beef attached to the spleen and Jebichuli. The word ¡®Jebi¡¯ is also used in ¡®Sujebi¡¯ (clear soup with dough flakes) or ¡®Jebippopgi¡¯ (random drawing lots by hand for ordering). Jebichuli is a part of the body that was pull out by hand, so the word ¡®Jebi¡¯ originated from same manner, pulling out by hand.

Galbi is delicious and good for health too. Even in ¡®Donguibogam¡¯ (Eastern handbook) explained about Galbi about its use and effectiveness. Galbi has sweet taste and not toxic. It also protects the spleen and the stomach and bind the bowels. It also gives solid sinews and bones and protects the waist and legs.
There are many foods which are considered as the healthy food, Galbi is one of those health food.

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