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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Shinseollo (Royal cusine / Boiled meat broth with Strip-cut beef & vegetables)
  Restaurants Where People Can Try Shinseollo
Foreign tourists frequently visit royal cuisine specialty restaurants where they serve Korean set meals. ...

Shinseollo, a Meal Preferred by Kings

For 500 years, Seoul was the capital of the Yi Joseon Dynasty, the last Dynasty of ancient Korea. During that period many different culinary delights were invented for the pleasure of the Royal Court. 'Shinseollo' is one meal that has been influenced by the gorgeous royal cuisine of ancient Korea   

In the center of the metal pot called 'Shinseollo', a fire is lit. People cook the meal, by putting vegetables, marine products, and meat into the pot. They boil these ingredients in their own juices.    Since a lot of ingredients as well as one's time and energy are needed to prepare Shinseollo, only a king or noble of ancient Korea could enjoy this meal.      

In fact, it was an ordinary meal for a king. In the Royal Court, it was called "Yeolgusatang', because it is so pleasant for the mouth.

A funny story describes how Shinseollo got its name. A scholar lived in the mountain, retired from the world. He was fearful that he would meet with disaster because of the anger of a tyrannical king who lived in the middle of the Yi Joseon Dynasty. Desiring not to be a worldly man, he made a fire under a pot and he heated vegetables some vegetables in it.

Thus, it was called Shinseollo. So, it is generally thought that in the beginning, people heated vegetables in the hot pot. However, in reality people also cooked various fish, and meat in it. 25 ingredients such as meat, sea cucumbers, mushrooms, eggs, vegetables, walnuts, and pine nuts, were included.      

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