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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Seolleong-tang (Beef soup with rice or fork)
Rich and Thick Taste, Seolleongtang
Seolleongtang is meat stock of cow¡¯s head, foot of cow, beef, bone and intestines after boiling long time. The color of...

Seolleongtang – Food for the Multitude

Seolleongtang is based on a broth made form bull's head, legs, bones, and bowels which are stewed in water for a long time in a large steel pan.

The histories of ancient Joseon record the tradition of Seolleongtang making as originating from King Sejong, the 4th King of th Joseon Age(A.D.1392-1910).    The king made Seolleongtang with used sacrifices and ate it to keep away hunger because he had bcome isolated due to strong storms when he was on a prayer feast for an abundant harvest. Of cause from ancient times Sollontang has been a very popular soup in Korea.

Seolleongtang is heated for over a day and cooked    overnight until the soup¡¯s color becomes like milk. To complete the cooking salt is added, as well as chopped shallots, the sauce of chili peppers, and soy sauce.    Rice and radish kimchi are most commonly served with Seolleongtang. The most striking thing about Sollontang is that the warm and spicy taste causes the relaxation of the body after eating.

You Will Enjoy These Restaurant for Seolleongtang


For forty years this establishment has stood for Seolleongtang. Even now an eighty year old female master cares for the recipe herself.      

Price 4,500won. each
Tel 02-762-7713
Opening hours 10:00 ~ 21:00
How to get there At the heart of the entrance of the old Chogyo Bridge and opposite    the Dongdaemun Complex Store, Jongno 5-ga, Seoul


As a family business, they have been selling Seolleongtang for 50 years.      

Price 4,500 won each.
Tel 02-765-4237
Opening hours 24 hours open
How to get there Jongno 3-ga Station of the Subway Line Number 1.    on the next street of Picadili Theater.


This restaurant is famous for an unchanged taste from the time of the Korean War (1950¡­1953)

Price 5,000 won each
Tel 02-2267-4081
Opening hours 08:00~23:00
How to get there Behind the Pan Korea, Euljiro 2-ga   

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