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  Enjoy an Elegant Sunday Erunch at ¡°Vine¡±
¡®Vine¡¯, the specialty wine restaurant, wine bar and wine shop located in the lobby of the Lotte hotel Seoul is now offering a special ¡®Sunday Brunc...
We opened this hotel buffet in 1970. Linos members come and enjoy their time here regularly. We also host meetings and parties. Korean, Japanese, Ch...
Kyeungbokgung is a traditional Korean style restaurant with a wooden interior. First opened in 1968 Kyeongbokgung has been serving a delicious menu of...
Living in rural district (Vegetable buffet)
We don't use any meat, fish, milk, egg os other animal product. We make our own flavoring with onions, tangles, nuts, and garlics, and use only olive ...
OB stadium
Ceolpan-gui means "grill meat on an iron plate". You can drink beer and cook as much meat on the iron plate as you wish. This is a very popular restau...
Located on the 3rd floor of the Hilton hotel, Orangerie means "farm of orange". Orangerie is good place to eat out with family or friends. We serve ov...
Carnestation is family restaurant. It is buffet style so you pay a set amount and then eat as much as you like. Carne means "beef" in Spanish. We ser...
Cheonghak Buffet
The restaurant has 500 seats so customers can reserved the engagement ceremony, wedding, meeting, 60th ceremony, and seminar and so on. Also we hav...
Hotel Capital Buffet restaurant
The visitors can enjoy the view of Mt. Gwanak and feel the fantastic mood at restaurant. There are a several menus such as western style, eastern s...
Olympia(Buffet 'Gurumang')
180 different kinds of foods, Boktang, and Haesamtang are provided at Gurumang. This buffet restaurant combined East foods and Western foods. ...
Zeus buffet
This trip buffet has run for 10 years, the cooks worked at Hotel. They go to trip for buffet party for big companies' party. They have used the fres...

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