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  Koguryo (Goguryeo )Kingdom
Koguryo was one of the Korean kingdom which was founded in 37 B.C., and by the first century, it had firmly established ...
Subsequent to the fall of Koguryo, Dae Jo-yeong, who was a Koguryo general, formed an army of Koguryo and Malgal (a Tung...
The rise of the New China dynasty during 7th century provided Shilla with the opportunity to expand its control over the...
The Three kingdoms period
The first Korean kingdom is Goguryeo, the 3rd centry AD two powerful kingdoms Silla and Baekje had emerged to dominate t...

Dangun built ¡®Gojoseon¡¯ in BC 2333

People first began residing in the Korean Peninsula 500,000 years ago, but it wasn't until 2333 that the ancient country was formed after Dangun built ¡®Gojoseon¡¯ in BC 2333. After the rise and fall of many tribes, Shilla reunified the 3 kingdoms of Goguryeo, Shilla and Baekje in 668. After that time, Ancient Korea founded a glorious civilization during the in Goryeo period as well as The Lee Dynasty of The Joseon period for 1300 years.

It is known that Dangun founded the Gojoseon in 2333 B.C. After that time Ancient Korea was invaded by a warlike northern race as well as the Japanese. The Korean Peninsula has suffered due to its gepgraphic location. Koreans have suceeded in following in their ancestor¡¯s culture, language and tradition, after overcoming their numerous invaders. Koreans like peace, and have never invaded their neighbors.

Korea was deprived of its sovereignty by Japan for 36 years. Tragically South Korea also fought North Korea after the latter invaded. South Koreans have made efforts to develop the economy of the country, after overcoming the legacy of the Korean War. The growth of South Korea's economy in the 1960¡¯s was exceptional in the world. After that, the 1988 24th Olympic Games in Seoul brought the country's acheivments to the world's attention.
After joining OECD in 1998, Korea joined the ranks of advanced countries.
The ASEM conference was held with success in Korea in 2000. Korea will hold The World Cup in 2002 jointly with Japan.

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