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  "N Sedae" ("New Generation") Flea Market
There is now a flea market in Seoul like one might find in Paris, Shinjuku or Yoyoki Park in Japan, or London's Nothing ...
  Find the Sea in the Middle of the City,Noryangjin Marine Products Market
When people pass the Noryangjin Station, they smell something stimulating their nose. It is the scent of the sea. Is i...
Garakdong agriculture and marine products market
A storehouse for food in Seoul, Garakdong market is one of the most famous markets in Korea, and it is probably the se...
Yang Jae Dong Flower Market,
Visit Yang Jae Flower Market and envelop yourself in the sights and scents of Korea’s horticultural industry. ...

#1 Tourists Pick in Seoul. - Market with the Kindness and Warmth of the Korean People
Which place in Seoul do tourists think is the most impressive place? The Seoul City Hall surveyed 700 tourists in Seoul...
Seongnam Moran Market
It is not harsh to say that in order to see the culture and how people live in that country you should go to a tradition...
The Best Present for a Friend
Giving presents is an everyday act but sometimes it can become a burden. If you want to offer a gift that is not too ex...

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