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  2002 Match Schedule (Group List)
2002 Match Schedule! World Festival, Here is the match schedule for Korea/Japan 2002 World Cup....
  Seoul, the City of the World and the Arena for World Cup 2002,
Since the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, Seoul, Korea's capital and largest city, will again attract spectators from all over...
  Beautiful of Fan, Jeonju World Cup Stadium
Jeonju world cup stadium is made like ¡®Hapjooksun¡¯, which is a Korean traditional fan. 4 large pillars supporting th...
  Daegu World Cup Stadium
The Daegu World Cup Stadium at a size of 511,500§³ is located in Daeheungdong Suseong-gu, Daegu and was completed in M...

A Worldwide Festivity for All - World Cup 2002

The World's Festivity, FIFA World Cup 2002 is going to be co-hosted by Korea and Japan. There is a great anticipation mounting worldwide towards the opening of FIFA World Cup 2002 because it is the first World Cup co-hosted by two countries, the first grand sports festivity of the 21st century, and the first time it's hosted in Asia.

The hosts of World Cup 2002, whose primary goal is to host the best World Cup ever, is not just a soccer tournament, but being the first time it is held in the East, five other essences have been arranged.   Those essences are a "Cultural World Cup" where Western and Eastern culture meets, an "Environmental World Cup" which researches and solves environmental issues, "Information World Cup" which helps to improve information technology and its systems, an "economic World Cup" which is aimed at boosting the world economy, and a "Tourist World Cup" that helps the people in the world understand each other better.   

The 20 century started with a war and continued on with fights and conflicts. It was also an era lead by the values of the West.   However, the merit of the East will take a big part in the new millennium, and it will become an age of peace, coexistence and mutual prosperity.   The 2002 Korean Japan World Cup will be a new encounter of the new millennium and a new start which will be remembered for eternity.

Official Name : 2002 FIFA WORLD CUP KOREA / JAPAN
Main idea for the 2002 World Cup : New Millennium, New Encounter, New Start
Period : from May 31 to June 30, 2002 (for 31days)
Locations : at 10 cities, each, in Korea and Japan

[holding cities in South Korea]
Seoul, Incheon, Suwon, Daejeon, Jeonju, Gwangju, Daegu,Ulsan, Busan, Seogwipo

[holding cities in Japan]
Miyakih-hyun, Nigata-hyun, Ibaraki-hyun, Saitama-hyun, Sizuoka-hyun, Oita-hyun, Sapporo-si, Yokohama-si,   kobe-si

[Number of Main Track Game] 32 (32 games in each country)
[Number of Players] players in 32 teams and 1600 members
[Expected number of Participants] About 13,000 (FIFA families, press corps, invited guests, etc.)
[Expected number of Spectators] Total 3.2million (64games)
[Ticket Sales] 750 thousand in Korea, 750 thousand in Japan, 1.7million tickets by FIFA
[Estimated number of TV spectators] 60 billion

Gwangju World Cup Stadium
Gwangju is located in the southwestern part of Korea and is the fifth largest city in Korea with a population of 1.3 mil...
Incheon, Mun-Hak World Cup Stadium
Incheon World Cup Stadium was built 2.5km south of Incheon City Hall, and is a sports park positioned in the center of t...
Jeju World Cup Stadium
The Jeju World Cup Stadium symbolizes the nature of the island and residents¡¯ life, and is being built in harmony with ...
Ulsan,Munsu Football Stadium
Ulsan is distanced 160 Km to Japan and is located southeast and bordered by the sea to the east and by high mountains to...
Variety Place, Daejeon World Cup Stadium
Daejeon is located in the heart of the country, and is the gateway to the three southern Provinces, as well as being a t...
Beautiful Korean Architecture, Suwon World Cup Stadium
Suwon is located in the mid-southern area of Gyeonggi Province where is situated in the central area of the Republic of ...
Busan World Cup Stadium
Busan, the second largest city in Korea, has a temperate sea climate, with everything from mountains, rivers, the sea, a...

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